ISCC / REDcert certification

What is ISCC / REDcert

 ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and REDcert (Renewable Energy Directive) are two independent standards systems designed to certify the production of biomass, biofuel and the energy derived from them with the aim of:

• reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;

• application clean production methods to protect against pollution of soil, water and air;

• protection of natural biodiversity;

• decrease of deforestation;

• ensuring safe working conditions;

• respect for rights of workers and land law.


ISCC / REDcert base

 Certification according to ISCC and REDcert standards is based on the requirements of the European Parliament Directive No. 2009/28 / EC dd. 23.04.2009 “On the Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources”.


Benefits of ISCC / REDcert Certification

• provides an opportunity to become a participant in the international trade market of biomass for the production of energy from renewable sources;

• indicates that biomass was produced in a manner that does not harm the environment and in compliance with the principles of social responsibility;

• confirms compliance with the European Union requirements of the sustainable biofuels production, the traceability of their origin and the calculation of potential reducing greenhouse gas emissions in comparison with hydrocarbon fuels;

• informs your customers about your reliability and professionalism;

• makes you a part of network of more than 23,000 companies in more than 100 countries.


How we help you get an ISCC / REDcert certificate

 • preliminary audit by our company to check the status of production and trade processes and documentation;

• recommendations for working methods to meet the requirements of Directive No. 2009/28 / EC of 23.04.2009;

• development of documentation that is required in accordance with ISCC / REDcert standards;

• calculation of greenhouse gas emissions using the BIOGRACE electronic calculator;

• providing an Excel file to count the mass balance;

• training for ISCC / REDcert standards;

• assistance in the implementation of the developed system;

• advisory support during certification audit.


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