Сertification according to standards

What is GMP+

 The international GMP+ certification scheme is a complete set of tools for ensuring the safety of feed products. It consists of two modules: GMP+ FSA (feed safety assurance) and GMP+ FRA (feed responsibility assurance).

 The GMP+ scheme is intended for companies with the following activities:

• production of feed ingredients (meal, cake, beet pulp, bran, etc.);

• production of premixes and ready mixed feeds;

• trade in feed products;

• storage and handling of feed products;

• transportation by road;

• freight of wagons, barges, vessels;

• trade in pet food;

• laboratory control of feed products;

• registration of laboratories that analyze feed products for safety parameters.

 The GMP+ certification scheme includes all links of feed production. This is a guarantee that the safety of feed products will be ensured at a sufficient level at any stage of feed production.


Base for GMP+

 The GMP+ certification scheme is based on the requirements of European and national legislation on feed safety, the provisions of the  quality management standard ISO 9001, HACCP principles, traceability, early warning and recall of products, monitoring of safety parameters and industry-wide approach.


Benefits of GMP+ Certification

 GMP+ certification provides the following benefits:

• market expansion;

• reducing financial costs by reducing the claims likelihood;

• improving the efficiency of the enterprise;

• increasing investment attractiveness;

• improving the enterprise image in the market;

• free access to standards and reference information on the GMP+ International website and the exchange of experience and knowledge between certified companies.


How we help you get a GMP+ certificate

 Qualified consultants of our company will provide you with full support for the implementation of the requirements of the GMP+ scheme, namely:

• preliminary audit for compliance with GMP+ standards (analysis of documentation, processes, infrastructure);

• recommendations for changing / improving infrastructure, hygiene and work processes;

• development of the necessary GMP+ documentation;

•  training;

• assistance in the implementation of requirements in the processes of the enterprise;

• consulting support during certification audit.

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