About Company

Since founding of Amiranda Ltd. in 2000, services in agricultural sector have been our core business.

Company's strategy includes a set of actions that enables our customers to achieve advantageous positions in the market. The main activities of Amiranda Ltd. are: preparing of Ukrainian companies for GMP/GMP+, organic and ISCC / REDcert certification.

With regard to GMP/GMP+ certification Amiranda Ltd. develops for each client a complete documentary system of feed safety and quality assurance that is the essential base to receive the certificate. We also provide consulting services before, during and after the certification audit.                                                                                                                                           From the very start of our activity Amiranda Ltd. helps Ukrainian farms navigate the terrain of organic farming and successfully promotes different organic methods. Our well-qualified staff provides the highest level of services to customers. 

Amiranda Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 certified  and is also a registered consultant at GMP+International website (https://www.gmpplus.org/en/collaborations/registered-consultants/). The awareness and experience of our staff ensures Amiranda's position as reliable partner providing services in Ukraine and abroad.

Amiranda - experience creating the result!